We offer bookkeeping services in accordance with all legal requirements prescribed by the Republic of Croatia, all whilst applying the best business practices and contain following:

  • Establishing bookkeeping and tax records,
  • General Ledger, Customer and Supplier Balances, Fixed Asset Analytics, Amortization calculation,
  • Commodity – Material and Production accounting,
  • Implementation of documentation in accounting software solution (4D Wand),
  • Customer and supplier reconciliations,
  • Preparation, composition and submission of obligatory reports to State institutions,
  • Payroll and other income accounting,
  • Administrative support for employee insurance registration / cancellation,
  • Preparation of mandatory annual financial statements and other reports in accordance with client needs.

Where we are

Modruška ulica 2,
10000 Zagreb,

e-mail: info@qlaris.hr

+385 (0) 98 1374 339

Contact information

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